Remote Support
This includes fixing software issues/driver issues/basic malware/virus issues. All done remotely! For the low price ranges of: $40 first 30mins one time fee,$70 for a full hour one time fee, $90 over an hour one time fee.) Special note: Teamviewer is used.

Computer Repair and Setup
Computer not powering on? A 100% free diagnostic will be done to see what is going on. You will be told what needs to be done as well as the estimate. After that your repairs will begin! All done in a timely accurate manner! With an average turn around time of one business day! All for the low price of $75 or $150 in home service!(Does not include any paid for software or hardware.)

Data Transfer and Backup

Need specific files you want to be copied and transferred? Scenario: You have a document saved on your phone but have no idea how to transfer it to your computer. I will gladly do that for you all for $80! Free cloud software may be installed upon request. If you save on a cloud type of software such as Megasync or Dropbox it will be on a server remotely. So even if your hard drive on your computer goes bad, you will still have a backup of your data on the cloud software as long as you have it saved on there.

Network Setup and Security
Wi-Fi network diagram with glossy hi-tech devices
Need your computers networked? Need your printer networked? Need all of your devices networked and secured? All of your devices will be secured behind a router. So you will feel safe while being online since you will be protected from remote attacks. All for a low cost of $90!

Virus and Malware Removal
Is your computer running slow? Is your computer crashing randomly? A very thorough deep cleaning of your PC is done and will make your PC run like brand new! As well as getting every single security update that is needed! You will be more than satisfied! All for the low cost of $85 or $170 in home service! (Does not include any paid for software.)

Home Entertainment Devices and TV Setup


Don’t want to deal with figuring out how to connect all of the messy cables connecting to your TV? Need an entire surround sound setup? All of this can be done right in your home for the price of $250!